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    Services for Businesses

Insurance Services

Disability Insurance

It pays to protect your employees’ income—and your business’s profits—from the financial impact of a disability. For most employees, the ability to earn a living is their most significant financial asset. Lengthy periods of disability can be financially devastating for them and their families. Thus, disability insurance is a key component of a benefits package that’s competitive enough to attract and retain talented employees.

Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance helps protect your employees’ families and their assets at minimal cost, and is a great complement to an individual life insurance policy. We can help you design a plan with standard and optional features that fits your company’s needs and makes your group life insurance coverage attractive to employees.

Key-Employee Insurance

Key-employee insurance helps protect your company from the unexpected death of a key person in your business. The policy is paid for by the company, and if the key person dies, the company receives financial benefits to help it remain operational.