• Services for Businesses

    Services for Businesses

Retirement Plans

Shaffer Capital helps businesses create and run world-class retirement plans, and we help their employees save and grow their funds for a secure retirement. We provide our services in a true fiduciary framework that frees you to focus more on your business and worry less about your retirement plan.

A Full Solution Provider

Within our private-labeled retirement platform, Shaffer Capital works hand-in-hand with our specialist partners to deliver seamless retirement-plan design and service.

Shaffer Capital

  • Platform Aggregator - Single Point of Contact
    • Plan-Level 3(38) Fiduciary Investment Manager
    • Participant-Level 3(21) Fiduciary Investment Advice 
    • Participant Education and Enrollment
    • Unlimited phone support for plan sponsors and particpants

Aspire Financial Services

  • Record Keeper
    • Online account access & quarterly statements for participants
    • Online plan sponsor access to retirement plan details, forms, reports and fees

Charles Schwab Bank or TD Ameritrade Trust

  • Custodian
    • Holding and Safekeeping of Plan Assets
    • Open architecture providing access to thousands of investment options
    • Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts

Trinity Pension Consultants or United Retirement Plan Consultants

  • Third Party Administrator
    • Customized Plan Design and Administration
    • Compliance Testing
    • 5500 & other required filings

A Fiduciary Investment Manager

Within the framework of our private-labeled retirement platform, Shaffer Capital serves as a 3(38) Fiduciary Investment Manager under ERISA.

As such, we take on discretion over the plan assets, as well as authority to select investment options and decide if and when to make changes to those options. We assume legal responsibility for our decisions, allowing plan sponsors to mitigate their own fiduciary risk.

Under the law, we can do this because we’re a true fiduciary advisor, not a brokerage firm. Brokers can only serve as 3(21) investment advisors, a less stringent fiduciary standard. Importantly, they can charge commissions for selling financial products, which in our view creates a serious conflict of interest.

Committed to Your Employees’ Success

For your employees to meet their financial goals, education and information are pivotal. We support them in a multiplicity of ways.

  • Group enrollment meetings: on-site and/or virtual
  • Financial education seminars: on-site and/or virtual
  • One-on-one participant meetings: on-site and/or virtual
  • Phone support for all plan participants and plan sponsor representatives:
    • Enrollment
    • Investment election changes
    • Employee deferral changes
    • Loan/Distribution requests
    • Financial/Investment/Retirement planning questions
    • General “How-to” system questions

While many of our competitors treat plan participants like a number, we see them—and serve them—like our private clients. We measure our success by their success.